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Full logo for “Demons Rise Up!” An upcoming futanari visual novel about a girl who summons a succubus through a cursed video game! Hope to show off more in the future!😈 (logo created by @m_is_scared on Twitter)

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Only thing left is to color all 10 of the frames!
(also background)

For the full uncropped WIPs
and early access to the final version
consider supporting me on

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Further progress on my !

I just got done with the hair, which I think is the hardest part, so progress should be much faster from here!

This is just a crop, my supporters on get much more extensive updates!

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Started work on a new Animation loop!

This is just the base, but I'll do my best to make it feel just like the original show and make it real flashy with the wing movement!

Subscribers will get to view the finished animation much earlier -

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