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I am opening for my Monthly Theme Commissions! January’s theme is: goo! Specifically, gooey portrait commissions! Have your character's face in your preferred expression covered in a viscous, gooey fluid of your choice! Apply here: bit.ly/2QvOv1q

Additionally, Thirsty Pixie patrons of mine will receive 10% off and preferred slots for all Monthly Theme Commissions!

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First pic to the Timeline here, I figure I'll make it Olcaru. Why not? 😈

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I did the thing I said I was gonna do. So have a lil freebie! Site members, go log in and get the entire 16-image HD set, which includes clean/messy, male/futa, veil/bare and nervous/awestruck variants! 18+ NSFW: animefluxxx.com

One more week until I get to make the acquaintance of this war-ready beast! 😝🖤🐾

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