Terms of Service

By accessing the lewd.network instance ("node") you accept the following Terms of Service. From which point onwards, lewd.network will treat your use of this node as acceptance of these Terms.

  • If you are a minor, then you will not use or access this node under any condition.
  • This node is presented to you AS IS, without any warranty, express or implied. You will not hold lewd.network or its admin liable for any damages caused by the use of this node.
  • This node reserves the right to mark any locally uploaded content as sensitive. Users can make changes in their preferences so that sensitive media is always shown without clicking through warnings each time.
  • This node maintains the fact that it does not allow pornography, and that all local content has artistic value. Media uploads featuring real life people in a sexual manner will be deleted.
  • You understand that there may be local content disseminated on this node that does not appeal to your interests, or that you feel is otherwise morally unacceptable to you in subject matter.
  • You accept that this node is not liable for any content on the fediverse that you may remotely stumble upon.

Privacy Policy

This node will never disclose the IP address or e-mail address of any user at lewd.network unless compelled by law.

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer personally identifiable information to outside parties. There are no plans to ever engage in the marketing or advertising of any session from a visitor, and registered users should be aware that there are no newsletters.

When registering, you will be asked to enter your name and e-mail address. You may, however, still visit any local user here without an account (following the acceptance of the ToS outlined above). Your e-mail address will be verified by a message containing an unique link. If that link is visited, it will confirm that you control the provided e-mail address to complete registration.

As a security measure to aid in moderation, the last IP address you log in from is recorded in addition to the browser application that was used. These logs are auto-purged from the server past 12 months. Users are able to delete their account at any time, for any reason. Deletion will irreversibly remove all personal information related to the account, and the username cannot be reclaimed again.

Because lewd.network contains no pornographic images depicting 'Actual human beings' within the meaning and definitions of 18 USC §2257 OR 18 USC §2257A, the US-based admin of this node has been advised by counsel that they cannot maintain records pursuant to those statutes.

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